How to ICO/ITO
in Singapore


How to ICO/ITO in Singapore -A Regulatory And Compliance
Viewpoint On Initial Coin Offering And
Initial Token Offering In Singapore

How to ICO/ITO in Singapore


                   How to ICO/ITO in Singapore

The next bubble Or an unstoppable new world order What is this blockchain revolution al about The first bitcoin purchase for two pizza’s in New York City for 10.000 bitcoins happened on 22nd May 2010. Those same 10000 bitcoins are worth over US$ today. No other asset class has returned as much profits as cryptocurrencies have in the last eight years.Read this book ” How to ICO/ITO in Singapore – A regulatory and compliance viewpoint on initial coin offering and initial token offering in Singapore Paperback” to learn more about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the ICO world today! Malcolm Tan is a Singapore based lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the C.E.O. of both Gravitas Holdings and the AEXON project.

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurs are jumping on the ICO/ITO bandwagon and issueing their own digital currencies. Estonia, Singapore, India and even the International Monetary Fund have issued, or are intending to issue their own digital currency. What are the risks What are the regulators doing and what do they think Is it safe to invest in digital currencies and ICOs This book is a summary of: The ICO and cryptocurrency world today. The overall trends in the industry all over the globe. How ICOs are run. What the specific legal and regulatory issues relating to ICO’s are.

He published a book  on “How to ICO/ITO – Legal and Regulatory Framework in Singapore”and has already, and is still advising over 80 companies who have already, or are intending to ICO/ITO in Singapore and around the world, with clients from the UK, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. Many clients are also in the midst of licence applications in Singapore for Payment Services Act licences, and other types of regulated licences such as Recognised Market Operators, Commodities, Precious Metals etc.